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Welcome. We’re Purple Circle, and innovative solutions using emerging technology are at the core of what we provide. We’re disrupting industries one at a time with our groundbreaking custom technology integrations and process implementations. We use technologies recognized by market leaders and can scale our solutions to any business model. Curious to find out more? Get in touch, and let’s see how we can get your business or brand to be in a position of wealth using the latest in emerging technology.


Our Services

Purple Circle positions both individuals and SMBs to grow their revenue with the assistance of emerging technology like automation, virtual reality, 3D printing, Amazon Alexa Skills, and more.

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Innovative Technology

Innovation is at the core of what Purple Circle provides for our clients no matter the size or scale. Currently providing solutions such as 3D printing, automation, social media marketing, and VR, and we’ve only just started. Contact us and learn how Purple Circle can position you or your organization to increase revenue.

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Our Process

We build our solutions by closely learning our potential clientele, their business and their expectations of current technology trends. We know how to analyze this information and customize our offerings to their changing market needs using the latest in emerging technology.

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Our Company

We believe in integrity. That’s doing the right thing because it’s always the right thing to do for others and businesses. We get to know you, give you plan, and with proper planning use the latest in emerging technology to help grow you or your SMB.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

— Abraham Lincoln

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A Silicon Beach Start-up

Purple Circle is a lean start-up based out of the South Florida area known as Silicon Beach. We’re small, we like it that way and so do our clients. It helps us continue the 5 Star level of service that we’re proud to provide. It makes everyone happy that way.